Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is here!

This is from Sundance when Josh and I went a couple weeks ago. I did get this one I liked. Now someone needs to come up with the saying to go with it for me.


Josh said...

I like the colors in the photo. The color seems a little blown in spots and a bit soft. But the lighting was not the best for these types of shot. and we get an A for effort for trying to find the colors in the first place.

Kimie said...

No, the assignment is to take a pic of a saying, not take a picture, then find a saying to go with it.

It is a nice pictures though, great colors.

I could have done "And your cup runneth over" today, but we were more concerned with mopping the inch of water up off the floor then taking a pic of it pouring out the sink.

Sheri said...

Sren't kids fun... don't tell Kati just tell her how perfect they are...luckily we only flooded the bathroomw ith kids pretending to be Ariel